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Signature Kueh Lapis

Wide range of hand crafted Kueh Lapis. Moist, soft and smooth texture to satisfy the most discerning palate of Kueh Lapis lovers.

Vacpack Layer Cake

VACPACK is the term we use for reference to our vacuumed-packed range of Lapis. Vacuumed-pack process allows our Lapis to stay fresh and hygienic and substantially prolong its shelf life.

Yummy Goodies

Yummy Goodies to brighten your life.

Other Foodstuffs

A selection of non cakes products.

Souvenir pack

A Brilliant Gift Idea ! These Range of Vacpak Thousand Layer Cake is a perfect choice for GIFTS and SOUVENIRS for your overseas friends, relatives, clients, colleagues etc ...The fact that it is vacuumed-packed means that you do not have to worry about the cake turning bad when you reach your destination.

We will be expanding these range soon.

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