Q1. Why is our Kueh Lapis so AFFORDABLE?

The biggest headache faced by retailers in Singapore is the high rental cost. By selling through the internet, we manage to save a lot of overhead cost, and in return we pass back all the savings to our customers - yes, to YOU.

Q2. How and where should I keep the Fresh Lapis?

Like any other type of cake, Fresh Lapis should be chilled as soon as you receive it. As a guide, our Fresh Lapis has a shelf life of 3-4 days in room temperature and 1 month in a refrigerator. However, we highly recommend to have it chilled at all times.

Q3. How is FRESH Lapis compared to the Vacpack Lapis?

The most essential difference is the Texture & Richness. For those who are used to the traditional home-made style Kueh Lapis - our Fresh Lapis will be more suitable for you.

Q4. What is a VACPACK Lapis ?

VACPACK is the term we use for reference to our vacuumed-packed range of Lapis. Vacuumed-pack process allows our Lapis to stay fresh and hygienic and substantially prolong its shelf life.

Q5. Is our VACPACK Lapis safe for consumption ?

YES - DEFINITELY. The Local Health Authority has maintained a very strict and efficient system to ensure that all food imported to Singapore conform to the food safety requirement. In fact, our Vacpack Lapis are exported to more than 20 countries worldwide, including United States and Japan which have an extremely stringent FDA systems in the world.

Q6. What is the advantage of VACPACK Lapis compared to the FRESH Lapis ?

  • PRICE - VACPACK Lapis cost half of the FRESH Lapis.
  • HEALTHIER - VACPACK Lapis is less RICH, thus it contains less fat level.
  • EASY HANDLING - VACPACK Lapis needs no refrigeration. Especially during the festive period when your fridge is overloaded with lots of other perishable products.
  • GREAT GIFT - VACPACK Lapis makes a perfect gift for your loved ones, relatives or friends - local & abroad - as you do not need to worry about the Lapis turning bad when it reaches them.

Q7. Who are the retailers selling Deli Indo VACPACK Lapis.

Our VACPACK Lapis is available in NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Cheers, Esso Mobil, Mustafa, Sheng Shiong..

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