300g Daribell Raw Emping Belinjo - HALAL Certified

$ 5.50

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Raw Emping Belinjo is made from Belinjo nuts. The process is rather tedious. It begins with harvesting of belinjo nuts by local farmers in Indonesia. Peeling both the outer skin and inner skin, finally you can see the whitish colored flesh. The farmer will then take 2 to 3 nuts and flatten them to form a round-shape raw emping belinjo. The next process is to sun-dried off the water content. All this is done manually.

Usage of Emping Belinjo:
1. Snack Cracker - Deep fry the raw emping belinjo in hot oil and you get an addictive and satisfying snacks/cracker/ krupuk.
2. Cooking - Fried emping belinjo is extremely versatile and widely used as companion/topping in Singapore , Indonesia and Malaysian dishes.


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