350g Daribell TLC Coconut - HALAL


Daribell Vacpack Thousand Layer Cake Coconut Flavour.

VACPACK is the term we use for reference to our vacuumed-packed range of Lapis. Vacuumed-pack process allows our Lapis to stay fresh and hygienic and substantially prolong its shelf life.

$ 5.20

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This product is also available at NTUC Fairprice and Mustafa supermarkets.

Pack Size : 350g / box       

Packaging : The lapis is packed in transparent plastic bag with printed outer box

Shelf Life : 12 months from production date.

Storage condition : As long as the packaging is still intact / still in vacuumed packed condition - there is no need to store in refrigeration. Just store in room temperature will suffice. However, once you open the plastic bag, you have to store the remaing portion in refrigeration.

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